Il nostro repertorio gospel e spirituals-dal 1982 la musica Gospel e Spiritual dal vivo


Spiritual e Gospel

A move of God (N. Hutchins)

Again I say rejoice (I. Houghton)

Amen (traditional)

Amazing grace (traditional, parole di J. Newton)

Down by the riverside (traditional)

Every praise (H. Walker)

God alone (Brawley White)

Godís got a blessiní (with your name written on it) (T. Clarck)

Goiní up yonder (C. W. Creath)

Greater (C. Brawley)

Hallelujah youíre worthy (J. McAllister)

Iím goiní up yonder (W. Hawkins)

Letís go to Church (C. Baldini)

Let the glory of the Lord (rise among us) (E. Fawcett)

May the Lord God bless you real good (J. Cleveland)

Never turn back (R. H. Harris)

Oh give thanks (J. Mc Allister)

Oh give thanks unto the Lord (K. Gorham)

Oh happy day (traditional, arr. E. Hawkins)

Praise the Lord (Let there be glory, and honor, and praises) (B. Crawford)

Shut de' do' (R. Stonehill)

Sing (Lakewood)

Sing a new song to the Lord

Sing praises to thee (J. McAllister)

Sometimes I feel like a motherless child (traditional)

Standing in the need of prayer - Itís me o Lord (traditional)

Stronghold (E. Fawcett)

Swing low sweet chariot (traditional)

The blood still works (M. Williams)

This little light of mine (H. Dixon Loes)

Total Praise (R. Smallwood)

Trust me (R. Smallwood)

Up to glory (R. W. Singleton)

Victory is mine (D. Norwood)

Wade in the water (traditional)

We're singing good news (traditional)

Your love is real (R. W. Singleton)


Canti di lavoro

Sixteen tons (M. Travis)

Canti natalizi
Medley (Silent night, Deck the hall, Gloria, Hark the herold angels sing,

We wish you a merry Christmas, Jingle Bells)

Shout the news (J. Althouse)

Santa Claus is comin' to town (Gillespie-Coots)

White Christmas (I. Berlin Ė versione classica e B. White)

Brani originali

Peace (W. Firmino Ė R. Neri)

Brani vari (Soul & Ö)

Halleluja (L. Cohen)
Medley da Sister Act 

(Hail Holy Queen, I will follow him Hill, Joyfull Joyfull, Rescue me, Shout)
Operator (W. Spivery)

People get ready (C. Mayfield)

Redemption song (B. Marley)

Altri brani

La terra riposa (F. Campi)

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